Happy Birthday !

3:40:00 PM

Hi love !

This is the forth birthday you celebrate since we met and i believe many many more to come. By the way, take a seat. This gonna takes around 5 mins. Birthday man dont stand  for too long :P

Let me remind you how it was..

2014, we celebrate your birthday in our early time dating. So funny, so awkward, so many things i dont know about you. But i know one thing i want from you and one thing im willing to give to you. TIME. Remember the present i gave you?

2015, your only birthday as a fiance. We're so trapped in wedding celebration. Cant wait to spend our life together. I can only recall the midnight surprise, did i manage to give you something? hehehe

2016, your first birthday as a husband. I gave you a puzzle to solve. Travel all the way there with a huge belly tho you said dont come and make surprises. Im sorry i cant do that.
Ah..that waiting time til you come to the place im writing in the puzzle. Its soo...exciting ! I remember the bitter sweet moment when i was so afraid of being far from you, which i still do right now.
Your present ? I gave nothing to you but snacks and a soon-to-be-born-baby. Warp my belly in a ribbon to present you the biggest present i thought i could give.

And now...in 2017. I know that i was wrong.
The biggest present that i can give you is not a child, though our Keenan is so awesome, or some posh thing i plan to buy before you found out that and make it clear that you dont give me permission for it.

Its not.

Things...no matter how much it is, how cool, how lovely, or how luxurious...is just a thing. Someday its gonna be broken, someday we can buy or make a copy.

I love you and its true that i want to give you all the good things in life. I can empty my account to buy you bike that you love, games you like to play, travel package you've been dying to join. But its not something i gave you that i cant have back. 

And Keenan, he is born through us, not for us. And i guess its better to see that we're for him. You see what im talking?

So...for now, from before and until many many years to go. Im giving you something i cant have back.

Im giving you all my life. 

Its nothing cheesy. I have my own life before, you know. I have my own dream, my own goal, my own passion. But i can hold back, i can walk slower or faster for the life we build together. A life where you and i are one. As a first child with stubborn mind, its hard to surrender my self like this. But i know you. And how you always love and respect me. So guess Im giving it to the right person.

Hey love,

Im giving you a friend to talk to, to share some witty jokes, to question society, to curse the always damaged road or even to talk about geboy mujaer. You can always talk to me about everything. Except football. I can only talk about the handsome one. But i'll still accompany you watching as long as there's food.

Im giving you a wife to hug you when you wanted to and needed to. To kiss you good night and good morning. But it will be more goodnight than good morning kiss since you always wake up before me. :P  I'll prepare buy you foods so wont be hungry at night, i'll criticize your cloths choice and dominate the cupboard and bed. Isn't it what you always said? Ah, dont forget the tickle war ! You're gonna have to endure it for eternity !

Im giving you a mother of your son, or even daughter in two, three years ahead (?) I promise i put my best effort for this since i love Keenan so much ! Even more than you ! :D

In sort, im giving you all of me.
My life, my fear, my dream.
The good and bad one. 
The past and the future.

So my dear...thats your biggest present which..you already consume day by day. Please dont think "Ah, i guess you saying this because you forget to buy present", I have presents for you. You're about to get it soon, trust me. Im saying this because...i realized that im about to spend my life to give you a good life you deserve.You're a good person, my dear. And a good person deserve a good life.

Remember that night when i said.. "We spent 25 years as only a child. And 25 years more as a husband and wife, partner in raising a child." Thats when i realized all of this.

I guess i start bubbling around like i do everytime you're about to sleep. hehehe

Happy Birthday, My love !
My partner, my guardian, my friend, my husband, my son's father.
I wasn't thinking too much when i accept you, i just feel that i can trust you and feel so in love that i cant imagine my life withot you. But i guess this is Allah's work. Allah choose the perfect person for me. Someone i keep falling in love everyday, crazily and logically.

Even if i can turn back, i will always say yes to you.

I hope i can shower you with love and happiness as what you always do to me. Please enjoy your life with me. Back then you always said im a girl with full of surprises. Yet you keep choose me. So...enjoy your surprise this time!

Now...its time for you to find out your smaller present. Lets start with...go downstairs. Andi is waiting to pick you up to where the presents awaits.

Dont text and call me. Just enjoy the curiousity ! Andi will gives you the clue when you already arrived.


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  1. sweet banget 😍 sukses surprise nya yaaahh.. penasaran sm ending surprise nya hehe

    1. nanti aku post disini yaaaa. Yang jelas sukses ! hihihi

  2. ke hotel? kyakyakyaaaa....
    nunggu diceritain , hahahahah

  3. very interested for "i am giving you all my live" all about our dream stagnan for our love to build a little family, and hope our child can be a great person. its not easy but we must to do that for them. its not easy but we must to do that for our lovely family.

    1. Family first, indeed.
      Its not easy but its worth to fight.

      Hope you have a good day ! :)


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