Live Down a Sin

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January, 19th 2019

The last time i went to a vacation with a big family, i was not in a very good mood. I thrown tantrum here and there. So this time, i made a promise that i'll be very good. No expectation, no sweat, just me trying to have fun.

And it worked !

Since we arrived at....gosh i forget the name of the place ! I just went straight to the kids playground. I didn't wait for anyone, also i didn't wish for anyone to follow me. And watching Keenan playing with rabbits really made me relaxed.

When we moved to another children playground i met some of cousin there. Thus Keenan was also playing with his cousin. In that moment also, i gave Lala her birthday cake, its around her birthday anyway.

After that we splitted. The big family went home, my father, mother and siblings went to a hotel, and me and husband went to his dorm. We're planned to sleep there since i had never look at his place. hehehe

In the morning we also visit his office and Keenan was so happy seeing frog statue. After that we went to the zoo and we planned on meeting my father there. I remember i was bringing the wrong clothes so i just used whatever it was. hehe

We had a really good time there, mostly because Keenan was super happy and excited seeing animals. He was laughing so hard when watching a small bear, didn't know why. He also met Binturong and pet it. Its a unique animal, because it smells good.

I guess the picture below can tell you how the day goes. It was a really good day. I was coming home with my father and my husband went straight to his dorm. Its sad, i even cried. Never again not coming home with husband. 

See you on my so called catch up post !

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