Perawan Kemenkeu

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 September, 8th 2019 

If you wondering what the title means...its our whatsapp group name. We made it when all of us still single you know :P To make it less vulgar we changed it into Women Empowerment !

That day was a wake up call for me.

I haven't seen this fine lady for a while, i was so excited..driving all the way from home to Jakarta to see them. The main reason we met was Ka Lina would go with her husband to UK. And seeing them talking about scholarship, about life in Jakarta, seeing how they dress, how they look. God i felt so....incomparable.

I didn't think about scholarship (God knows i went to UT for what reason), i didn't have access to baby swimming course, or shopping to Uniqlo every once in a while. When we took a picture, it really shows how uncomfortable i was that day.

Going back home Katya and Rizka asked me why i was so quite, i said...i was okay. Because i didn't know back then.

But now i do, i was in the middle of identity crisis again !

I gain weight a lot, it was probably the most chubby i've ever been, i didn't let my self grow, i didn't learn anything new, i didn't have any goal, so seeing them makes me realized what i was missing. So again, i tried my best to beat my insecurities. I worked out, i started learning. so thankful to meet them that day, if not perhaps i'm still the same old Raisha who stop growing and have no goal. Tho our goal perhaps different, now i don't feel missing something. So thank you for inspiring me. Its truly women empower women. 

I miss you girls, 

I hope we can see each other very soon ! I promised i wont be quite ! hihihi

P.S. Thank you Ka Lina for my first ever Ria Miranda Veil. :D

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