Time for #Jogjakarta !

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So this is the point. 
On my lifetime planning, this year, i HAVE TO visit Jogjakarta. And Thank God, i meet Hesna, my soon to be partner in crime, Hendik, Aji, Sari, Esa, Adi, Agung and Bilal so its possible me to enjoying Jogjakarta this March. 

Its all started in class, i asked Hesna what to do this holiday. When she asked back, i said i want to visit Jogjakarta. She said she wanted it too and voila. Plans were made later. We spoke to Jogjakarta's gang in class, Aji and Agung. They agreed to guide us while we're there.

Me and Hesna left Jakarta at March 1st.
The plan didn't work out as we wanted to. The plan is, i waited in Lebak Bulus and Hesna plus the tickets will pick me up. But Hesna was taken somewhere she didin't know by the shuttel bus and i didn't have the ticket, and my battery was low. Hazzz :(

Terminal Jombor, Jogjakarta

We left at 4 pm and arrived at 8 o'clock in Terminal Jombor, Jogjakarta. And the journey was begin. We're there for a six days. I'll split the post not in day, but in location. There's so many place been visited. Hope you enjoy my trip. :)

This trip has changed my point of view, in Jogjakarta and in Friendship.

In Jogjakarta, i saw a humble city. A unique yet beautiful culture. I enjoy Jogjakarta, the city, the food, the culture, the people, something i never though i will. Even, i note to my self that if i placed to work here, i will be fine. hehe

And in friendship.. Let me say, friendship is expensive, in a good way.
I may have the cash to pay the best tourism guide ever, but they'll never be as good as my friend was. And for that, no cash needed. With friendship, i get a free accomodation with the delicious breakfast Sari's mother made. I get a free transportation from the Aji, Agung, Adi, Bilal and Sari. I get a free guide not only in tourism, but also in culinary and in shopping.

And how many Rupiah should i pay them if they have to be paid?
I'll be poor as hell, i guess. Cause they're..priceless.

Ah really, i cant never thank them enough. They show me the real Jogjakarta and the real friendship.

Last, hope you enjoy the incoming post :)

with love

Raisha Nurul

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