Meet Rengganis

9:27:00 AM

February 29th 2012

Time for some hang out with Rengganis :*

She studies at Sukabumi, but it doesn't mean that whenever i get home i'll be able meet her. She so busy with her collage stuff. So, lucky me to had her free time that day. hehe

I picked her up and met her family. Her mother is beautifull as always. Ah, i remember those old days when we used to go to school together. Its almost 6 years ago.  :') 

Me and Ganis

We went Pizza Hut and of all the sudden we remember all those funny moment there. We couldn't stop laughing cause we're so crazy back then. Yeah, teenanger you know. 

And what were we going then? 


And.. you know, when girl meet another girl, gossip is something that wont be missed. So thats what we did. Talking like no tomorrow. Plus laughing. Ganis is so funny. Sometimes she said something that not even her knows the meaning, but we all laugh about it. Happens everytime, that day is no exception. hahaha

My fav :*

From gossip to curhat, we talked about our relationship, family and life planning. She said she will directly extend her study after her incoming graduation, probably in Bandung. I said i dont know where am i gonna be next year, so i have a really various plan. Ah, i dont know how i miss this kind of moment with her. Back then, i could have this everyday. :(

Pizza Hut Sukabumi

From Pizza Hut, we went to Yogya foodcourt. Her mother wanted some Martabak. While waiting, we went to the supermarket cause we were so thirsty. Guess what? We both bought this.

Twins Cimory

I couldn't believe what i saw. I moved to Bintaro, and she stayed at Sukabumi. But look at us now, we both love cimory. It that a fate ganis? Maybe we should married then hahaha

I took her to my house, a lil chit-chat and finally drived her home. We promised to do this again, hope it wont be long. Aamiin :')

ME love you SITI ANISA ! hahahaha

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