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Class has decided to visit my hometown, Sukabumi, for three days and two night trip. I split it into three posts because it will be too long if i insist to make it into a single post. So many picture to share ! :*

Well actually, i feel a bit disappointed when Sukabumi is chosen, not that i'm not happy my hometown got some visitor, which is mean more income for the people. I just.."yaaah, i wont visit a new place." But of course, i should've remembered that even in the same place..the moment will be different. Coming there with family, junior high friends, high school friends and now with 3J, each of it special. Maybe im not surprised with the view but, somehow..things just..surprise me. 

Prepare to go

We went there at 7 o'clock. We're divided into seven groups. As a staff of event section, i know that group arranged by selecting people that we believe not-yet know each other well in class. Mine is with Punto, Agung, and Duta. Its kind weird cause me and Agung, along with Hesna and Hendik, is having much time together. Lunch together for almost everyday ! haha

Me on the bus :3

After the boys Salat Jumat in Cisaat, we're finally arrived to Situgunung at 1 o'clock. It was raining, after waiting for a while we decided to start walking in the rain. How romantic. :-P

It takes 15 minutes from the parking lot to the houses. 15 minutes in the rain with hand full of stuff, oh plus starving cause the catering late to serve us, it could be suck. But somehow it works just fine. Thats a friend power, i assumed. 

Situgunung - Sukabumi

Picture above is taken when we first arrived. Foggy and so damn cold ! Ah, thats why i love Sukabumi. hehe

It's a free time after lunch, we could do anything til ashar. Some of us playing card, playing music, taking picture, sleeping or even doing the 'homework' i give them, make a testimonial for each person.  

Thank God, its no longer heavy rain outside. So i could pose and have a nice picture hahahaha *evil grin*

Signal is so rare, but after sometime we know that at the edge of the lake we could have some weak signal. So here we are, a signal seeker ! :D

Signal Seeker

Deryl, Kevin, Esa and Me

By the way, this is the house that we rent. Its the nearest to the lake and lets say, its in the middle of forest. When walking from the parking lot, i will not be surprise if i saw Edward Cullen on the tree, hahaha. But really, the tree is tall, green and you could hear the sound of forest here. I even saw squirrel jump on the tree. Such a, great place. No pollution, no horn's sound, no neighbor yell, no ringtone, just peace. I bet you'll love it. :)

Situgunung - Sukabumi

They provide two type of house. One is the standard room Rp400.000 a night, one room, two single bed and toilet. While the deluxe room cost Rp600.000 a night, two room, two single bed, toilet plus hot water. If you need more information call this number 0878 2051 9429. Dont worry about the food, they have a partnership with Jemolintang Catering. Actually with two catering, i forget the name. But jemolintang is the cheapest. 

Broken Dock, too bad huh?

After Ashar, we play some games. From the quiz that taken from our dialy routine and friend habit to who's the fastest in raising hand. So much fun. Even rain cant stop us. :)

The Games

Puji, the host

Akbar, the jury

We've been planning to play Running Man at night. We've bought the things we need like bells etc. But this time, rain stop us. Cant take the risk of us getting sick, we make tonight as a Truth or Truth Night. No dare, cause all we need is a truth~

Such a great night to get to know each other. So many untold story, advice and critics shared. Once again DONT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Too bad its midnight already, half have been asked, another half just had to wait.

I though its the sleep time, but it a big no no. 
They shared their paranormal experience. I heard it like 10 minutes, but i cant stand it any longer. I put my headset and set the volume to the max so i cant heard them and sleep. 

Aaaah, such a coward, i know. :(

Call it a day, and good night hehehe :D

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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