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9:05:00 PM

I was finally home after exam and classmate trip. Miss my brother so so soooo much :*

And, another surprise greeted me. 
There's a gift from my friend ! They sent it along to my house. Oh my..i can't help to open it the moment my family showed it. 

Its a Gaudi's bag. In such a unique yet beautiful colour. Too bad i didn't have a great camera. On picture above the colour didn't captured well. :(

Mm..sweet happy bithday card. :*

They texted me to open a blog they made. You could check here. And i just started to cry. Too sweet..too special..too much for only me T_T

My family saw me crying and wanted to know what i read, and so..we read it together. 

"Im happy you have such a good friend" my mom said.
"yup, i want to have friends like you too, they're so nice" my sister added.

What can i say?
Im not a good girl. Not even a good friend. Having them such a best luck i could achieve. God, its just too good to be true. Never, i never felt this special before :'(

Remember Dessy? The one who foloowed me to Situgunung? She give me the candle, chocolate and a present. I opened it too. Guess what? Another doll ! :*


I can never thank them enough. 
But if a birthday girl will have one wish that guaranted to come true. I wish, they could feel the happiness i felt today for the rest of their life. 

Aaaah, i love you all. i do.
Endless thank you from me. :'(

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