Mariam Birthday :)

12:52:00 AM

A date with Iam and Ana, we visited our high school and had lunch together in school cafe. We missed Om Bia for sure. He's the cafe owner, the one with a gifted hand. Everything he makes is delicious ! Especially Macaronet ! Yuum <3

Me and Ana arrived first and thats a good thing, cause we could request a special pancake to celebrated Iam's birthday. Its at February 24th actually, three days late is better doing nothing at all, right?

Super special pancake by Joy

Joy, Om Bia's son is the one that made the pancake. The pancake is beyond my wishes, its beautiful. Ah Joy..thank you so much :)

Pancake was ready, but suddenly Iam texted me. Said she couldn't make it. I was just..."yaaaaaaah", everything was set, too bad if she didn't come.

But suddenly she surprised me from behind. Aaaaah, Iam ! Time can never change you. You're still the most unexpected girl i've ever known. hihihi

The Birthday Girl

So now she's here, its time for us to surprise her. A song, a pancake, and candles to blown. Its good to she the look on the face. She liked it. Perfect.

Mie Regor and Nasi Goreng Dabu-dabu

Actually..while we were waiting for Iam, me and Ana ordered some food. Mie Regor for Ana and Nasi Goreng Dabu-dabu for me. Ah, a taste of nostalgia. Delicious as always. :*

I missed both of them so much. Its been a long time since we last met. We talked, laughed like crazy, like we used to. Ah, I miss being idiot with them, doing stupid things and having no worry. many news i heard. From a teacher's case, who's dating who, who's break up with who, who's been married, who's had baby, gossip time. Hehehe

Iam and the super yummy coklatbiskuitkeju.

In the end, Iam told me that i need to start diet from now, I'll need it for next year. I though she mean for my graduation party, but not. She said on February next year, she's gonna married and she choosed me as her bridesmaid. I just..


I was so surprise, i know her story and how she loves this man. God, im so happy for both of them. She told me her plan, their plan. And i envy them. huhuhu~

I wish this goes as you both planned. Two lovebird try to become one. Being a part of that is my honour. Ah Iaaaaaam, my bestfriend will be married soon ! :*

We took a tour on our newly renovated school before we went home. It changed, sad too see it. The building is way better than before but the place i used to spent my high school time is almost gone. :(

As we said goodbye, Iam gave me a present. At home i opened it. Its a cute music box. So sweet of you Iam. So sorry i didn't have anything for you yet :'(

Such a good friend time, hope to catch up soon. 
Thank you for today, i love spending time with both of you Iam Ana, indeed  :*

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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