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Sad to say but its the last day of our trip. This morning to my surprise, it didn't rain ! Time for more picture then..hahaha

Situ Gunung - Sukabumi

After breakfast, we continued the pending truth or truth.  When my turn came, they asked several question like " If  you had to choose, which one is better having a lot friend or a few bestfriend?" 

Kevin, Puji, Akbar, Toto and Dimas

Well, hard to answer. A lot of friend is good, but without bestfriend..there'll be no overwhelm feeling. Like having no complete pack. If only i could have both of it, life will be soooo great. But if i have to choose, i chosoo a few bestfriend. But of course to have it, first we got to have a lot of friend. And let the natural selection works.

its Esa

They also said that..that..i take burden by my self. Said Its ok not being ok. And asking for help is someting you can do to your friend. Ah, hold your tears Raisha ! T_T


And finally all of us been asked. Time for some present ! Hehehe
Yup, we make a gift exchange. Each of us have to buy sometime cost Rp15.000 more or less, wrap it and collect it. With card, we get the gift randomly.

And  i got these !
A cute lil cow, and its from puji. My persent goes to Kevin. Hope you enjoy it :)

So officially our work, as a event section, have done. After Lunch we pack our bag and ready to go. But, some more picture wont bother right? :p

Me and Puji

And time to walk again. fufufufu~

I didn't go to college with them, instead stop at Cisaat and met my Father. Its home time :*

Some said "Its like we drive you home, cha" 

Later i knew that they planned to pour me flour and anything like that the moment i was out from bus. But it didn't happen because of the traffic ! hahaha

They though i'll meet my father  in somewhere like parking lot, not in the middle of crowded street. Am i lucky or what? :p

Aaah, such a great trip, fellas. Hope later we could do this again. Thank to Bayu Aji and Wicaksono Agung for the picture. Most of it taken by them. And last, let me say.


P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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