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Its the second day of our trip, also..its my birthday too !! yaaaay >__<

My friend woke me up for subuh and we did salat outside. So cold and the rain still pouring..such a, unique experience. I never felt that freezing when doing salat subuh. 

Lets blame to the late sleeping, after subuh i was just..sleeping, again. And the moment i woke up, people were outside. Some were drinking hot beverage, either coffee or tea, some were seeking signal and taking picture. I decided to join the last one. Such a narsis, i know hahaha

When i was seeking for signal, i saw two people walking toward me. I was shocked cause it's Dessy and Gustian, my mamih and ayah. The day before they were in college and today they're here just to say me a 'happy birthday' and made me blow a candle. They said they left college at 2 am. They took four almost five hour in motorcycle on a cold night to followed me here. I was just..crying.

Cant tell how happiness overwhelm me. They're a very good people. Dont you agree?

I made them coffee and pop mie, not sure how it help them, i was just wishing they wont get sick. They were freezing, i hold mamih's hand so i knew.

After some chit-chat and played football, they left at 8 o'clock. So many things were talked. Some surprise me, some confuse me, and some makes me happy. But one thing im sure of, people had their own though of the best thing to do. It might be different with ours. And forgiving is always be the best way to free your self. 

She gave a kiss in my forehead as she said goodbye. It might be a bit weird, girl kissing another girl? But not to me, we're straight of course. It just, some way to show is not only given. We could choose. We could create. And i create one here.  

Situ Gunung - Sukabumi

The rain still pouring and its confusing us. We had plan to visit curug sawer but its not possible on this kind of weather. Some say to delay it til tomorrow but in the end, we decided to go. Ah, such a decision. The weather with us. Rain stop pouring the moment we climbed.

It took 1,5 hour to get there. A tiring journey, last time i went not this weak. Ah, i should just start exercise from now on. My body is weaken huhuhu T_T

The challenge is not only the uphill road but also..the leech !

I got three, two on my leg and one on hand. Really, the leech is amazing. If animal has to work, they will be a great spy. We didn't feel a thing until we see them got bigger by sucking our blood. So lets say, salt is a must to bring item ! It help so much. 

hahaha i block them :p

After survive from leech atack, we're finally arrived to Curug Sawer. Its a yay!

Curug Sawer - Sukabumi

It was paid off. The tiring journey with the view, ah..and the water, cold like it used to. The boys swam and got surprised with the cold. Funny to watch them, especially Aji, who's from Jogjakarta, a hot city. hehehe, so you guys enjoy sukabumi water hah? :p

horaaaaay !

really, i dont know what they're doing.

bbbrrrrrrr :p

Akbar, Hesna, Puji, Kevin and me

So who's bigger guys?

Finish playing on the water, we ate bakso together. Oh yes, dont bother to bring food, it just..makes you walk harder while climbing. People sell bakso, pop mie, coffee, tea, and snack there. Pay and eat. Easier for me. hehe


After taking pictures, we left and walked again..again..and again. Tired is my middle name. fuuuh~

me from behind

At night we grilled chicken, i remember i woke up and the food was ready. Sorry didn't help guys, i was so tired :(

Time to work again. Collect testimonial, compiled it by name, and put in to the glass i made. This will be given to each person, so they know what their friend think of them. 

The Testimonials

That testimonial make me late for the 'Pensi' (Art performance). I miss Hesna's and Senvi's  group. I saw Toto's and its funny. They're playing drama, a male cinderella  hahaha

Khabib, Hesna, Huda and Dimas

Koponk and Senvi

Luqman, Toto and Teguh

So its time for my group to perform. Its drama, about a king's daugher searching for a perfect husband. Im no good at drama, acting or so so. And having no practice mean..awkward performance -__-

me and punto

Then Refday's group performed, at first they were like arguing and i was just sitting and smiling whenever camera at me. But when they're suddenly light a candle and sing me a happy birthday song. I was shock, again. 

before candle thing

and this while i shocked

I thank you guys, indeed.
My birthday feel so special with all of you in it. May every prayer come true. Aaamiiin :)

Setya, Wahyu, Diaz, Tomi and Puji

Puji's group was singing. Ah, envy to those who can sing. Me want to T_T
They sing me a happy birthday again. cupcupcup, thanks :)

Bayu Aji, he's great at monologue.

Yandri :)

Aji, Nico, Boris and Yandri

And here come the masterpiece ! Boris, Aji, Nico and Yandri showed us not only a great performance, but also remind us of whats important in life. Money is taken from a bad source will bring you nothing but bad life. God, Family, Friends, Memories we had is the right thing to classify as important. Another thank you from me. You guys are great. :)

When Khabib read his testimonial

And the last is mine. I give the glass to each of them and make them took out one testimonial and read it in front of other. 

A long day and a happy happy night.
Wish tomorrow as good as today was :)

And im officially 21 today ! 



heheheheehe :')

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  1. hari kedua paling seru.. pensi nya keren abis sayang ga ada api unggun nya

    kalo ultah tuh dimana2 orang seneng ketawa2 bukannya mewek. haha

  2. iya abis ujan gitu..
    emang adele bisa set fire to the rain~

    biarin wleee, nangis kan tanda amat sangat bahagia :p


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