UGM - Malioboro

11:46:00 AM

March 2nd 2012

Okay, this is the first day me in Jogjakarta.

After Agung and his brother picked us up in Terminal Jombor, we went to Sari's house. She's alone at home, so its kind a feel free to take some rest. After put some stuff and took a bath, we made a fried rice together. 

I met Pio again, Sari's rabit. Cute as always. hehe

Bad news arrieved. None of Jogjakarta gang were able to guide us today. After some calls, finally Adi Surya was able to join us today. Fuuuuh~

At first, fourth of us went to Universitas Gadjah Mada. Its soooo big. >_<

Fakultas Teknik UGM

I remember four years ago, i went here with high school friend. Kind a nostlagia hehe

Universitas Gadjah Mada

We took a tour there, and visited Mesjid UGM. Its friday, Adi must salat Jumat. Hoaaah..Jogjakarta is so damn hot ! While waiting, we re-used some lotion, bought some socks to cover our foot and  bought Es Dawet. So thristy. 

Mesjid UGM

Me and Hesna

   Its so differrent with my college. Not only the size, but also the atmosfere. This is 

Es Dawet

They said Jogjakarta is a very cheap city. I do believe it now. When i bought Es Dawet, its only Rp3.000 ! And it tasted good. Hoaaah, love this city ! hehe

Painting is everywhere
Malioboro - Jogjakarta

Still Malioboro

Oyeee, rabbits !

Tugu Supersemar

And thats the snap shoot while we took a tour. Isn't it beautiful? :)

Next i'll tell about Taman Sari. Enjoy hehehe

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  1. envy..... i havent been there for three years :( tho it was and still is my 2nd home. i miss jogjakarta like crazy! haha kamu vacation terus yah, when did u go there?

  2. Where did i go? Silahkan cek postingan berikutnya hahaha #promosi abis# hahaha. 2nd home? Why? Pernah kuliah disana apa gimana?

  3. walaupun ga kuliah di UGM, tapi wisudaku di gedung auditorium UGM :)like jogja

  4. wah ko bisa wisuda disitu?
    yup, i like jogja too :D

  5. iya, sama aja kayanya..
    cuma beda penamaan sama bentuknya sedikit.
    es cendol lebih gemuk heheh


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