Roemi Ice Cream

9:25:00 PM

March 3rd 2012

After lunch together, my high school friend had another business so we splited, and so did Aji Adi and Bilal. Its only me, Hesna and Agung with no where to go. When Agung recomended an ice cream place..we're directly went there. yuhuuuu~

Roemi Ice Cream - Jogjakarta

Inside sneek peek (sorry blur )

So its Roemi Ice cream. Another line of business by the owner of Mirota. After torn between sat inside or outside, and Thank God its gave me time to took some picture, we're finally sat outside and not on the sofa. hahaha

Outside zone

Oh how i love Jogjakarta. I felt like so damn rich ! hahaha. Only its not my money that gets a lot, its the price thats oh so cheap, possible me to buy a lot. Its a big ice cream cafe, but the price is so friendly. Check the menu. It will be hard to find something this cheap in Jakarta.

the menu

the shining Hesna :p

We ordered Blueberry Riffle, Bitter Chocolate and Strawberry gelato. And...its so yum yum <3

Our Ice cream

God, i ate a lot in this trip. No wonder i gain a lot :(

This Ice cream cafe also sale cakes, unique chocolates, snack and milk powder from Mirota. And let me say it clearly..everything is cheap. Those beautiful cakes cost only Rp 50.000 ! haa, Jogjaa..jogjaaaa..


Unique chocolates

I bough one chocolate. It tasted good, but cadburry blackforest is my own personal chocolate heaven. Nothing compare to it, except feroro rocher :p

For this delicious ice cream and chocolate, each of us only spend under Rp20.000. Extra wow ! hahaha

Later i'll compare to another Jogjakarta's ice cream cafe. But for now..let me said GOOD NIGHT :D

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