Mie Ayam Tunggal Rasa

9:27:00 PM

March 3rd 2012

Time for lunch !
Jogja team brought us here. They said this mie ayam is so delicious yet have a friendly price. Lets taste it ! :*

Its commonly called Mie ayam ungaran, because it located near SD Ungaran. Too bad Mie ayam hijau is out of stock. :(

Mie ayam Tunggal Rasa - Jogjakarta

We could choose to sit in the chair or lesehan. Really Jogja? Mie ayam and Lesehan? haha
Like everything in Jogjakarta could be doing in lesehan :p

This Mie ayam costed me Rp 8.000,00. So much delicious. Really paid off. Plus orange juice Rp 2.000 = Rp 10.000 of satisfaction.

Hoaaaahh..i feel like hungry while writing this >_<

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