Taman Sari

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March 2nd 2012

Do you know the latest video clip from Citra - Aku pasti bisa ?
Well, one of the location in that video is Taman Sari Water Castle, Jogjakarta. The place im gonna tell you about now hehe

We took the wrong enterance, so we started the tour from the back. First thing i saw was the giant cock. Adi, my friend from Jogjakarta, said that its used at the last carnaval. Didn't mention what carnaval tho.

A local resident guide us to the prayer site. Its weird cause, it really is in the middle of resident houses. Even, i heard dangdut music when i arrived to the door you see above.

Sumur Gumuling - Taman Sari Jogjakarta

In this site, the local resident asked for some money. They didn't say the number so it really depend on us. In return they told us the history of this site and help us to took some picture.

It's called Sumur Gumuling. Its the place where the king and family pray. It has two floors, much aisle and in the middle of this site, there's five stairs with the sky above it. I imagine how beautiful and sacred this place before. Too bad the pool under the strairs has no water anymore and the wall's color has been faded. :(

the stairs

Five stairs means five time of salat. Back then, the guide said, when Imam lead salat, the construction of this site makes his sound being heard all over the place. The guide also said that, one of the small doors is connected to the south coast sea. It is a mistery for some people, thats why that door is closed now, to prevent them trying to get through.

Beautiful, right?

When we left the site, i saw a gulali seller. Its so funny. I've traveled away to Jogjakarta but still i saw something from my home town. ahaha

By the way, gulali is sundanese traditional candy. It made from sugar with some color added. Mostly red and green. We could ask for some cute form to the seller. Flowers, plane, baloon, anything ! :D

Taman Sari Jogjakarta

So now, its time for the water castle.
If you take a line from Merapi Mountain and Parangtritis beach, this site is really in the midle of that. They said it was build to honor wifes of the Sultan Hamengkubuwono I who helped so much during the war.

To enter this site, you have to pay Rp3.000,00 if you're Indonesian people and Rp7.000,00 if you're a foreigner. This site is welcome you everyday from 09.00 til 15.30 WIB.

Back then, the Sultan family often took some rest in this site. Of course, they wont be alone. The servant will always be around them, also the mistress of the Sultan, the dancer, and the gamelan player. Guess, its kind a crowded rest -___-

Actually, Taman sari is designed to become a resting area, a workshop, a meditation area, a defense area and a hiding place. But today, only the bathing area is well preserved, while other area have been largely occupied by the Kampung Taman settlement. So thats why so many houses around this site. They said, the place where houses stand now is a beautiful lake back then. Woo..this place must be soooo beautiful right?

Now its time for the bathing area.

Its a really hot weather when i was there. And the moment when i saw the pool, i jjust simply wanted to swim. hahaha

There's three pool there. Two for the mistress or the daughter of Sultan, and one is exclusively for Sultan and his choosen lady. They said at some moment only female, mmh..naked mistess who could access this pool, except Sultan of course. They swim together while Sultan watch them from above. See the picture above, that's the place where Sultan watching them. And if Sultan interested in a lady..he'll throw a flower as an invitation for her to join Sultan in his private pool.

Sultan's Bed

Me and Hesna in front of Sultan Bedroom

Its a changing room for the mistress

Sultan Private pool

Finish with the bathing area, the guide showed us another room which i forget the name (So sorry T_T ), and some gallery. Yup, some of the houses around this site is a gallery, whether painting, mask, or batik. Such a good place, too bad i was lack of money, so instead buying, i was just looking around. hehe :'( 

It such a wow to saw people making batik. Not only making and selling batik, this people is also sell the stuff we need to make batik. Like malam, canting, and they could teach us too ! Double wow.

I forget the name of the last area (again), but it looks like a fort. Most people taking picture here. I even saw people making prewedding picture here. cool :D

After all, this place is beautiful, for me at least. You may check it yourself to prove it. A tips from me, use a flat shoes, wedges or high heels will kill you here. The area is so large, remember? hehe

So, enough for this site.
See you later :D

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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