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March 3th 2012

Today, i met my highschool friend !
But only three of them available that day :(

At first, we're lack of motorcycle. But with a help of my friends, today's agenda was finally fulfill. huyeeee :D  

huyeeee, vredeburg !

We pick them up at Puput's dorm and went to vredeburg museum. So its totaled 9 person that coming today. Me, Hesna, Puput, Icha, Demi, Agung, Adi, Bilal, and Aji. 

Aji and Adi

It was my first time visiting this museum. I promised to my self that i will visit this museum, and voila! Here i Iam! hehe

Highschool mate ! Demi, Puput, Icha and Me

At first Vredeburg was a Nederland fort. It was built during Colonial time to protect the Nederland governor. But as the time goes by, the function of this fort changed. From army's dorm, armory, jail, and now it become a museum. The name of Vredeburg means the fort of peace. Peace? it said that..the moment they build this fort is the moment when Nederland and Kesultanan Jogjakarta was in peace.

the touch screen is cool :D

There's four room called Minirama I-IV.  Each room have diorama that tell us about history. Minirama I tell about history that occurred in the period since the war Dipenogoro to the Japanese empire in Jogjakarta.

Minirama II describes the historical events since the proclamation to the first Nederland Military Aggression. Minirama III describes the historical events since the Renville agreement to the recognition of the sovereignty of RIS ( Republik Indonesia Serikat ).

And Minirama IV describes the historical events since 1951 until 1974. Most of the diorama still working, but some..yaa, let say..need some maintenance.

It was huge and beautiful. But i dont wanna be in this place at night. Kind a spooky~

Enough about the museum. 

It felt so great to see my high school friend. Its been a while since we last met. And it felt also great to saw my high school friend and and my college friend get to know each other and having a day together. Double wow :3 

Museum Vredeburg

We took a tour in this museum. Having a local friend is extremely helpful. They told us the story and showed us which room to go. No need to turn around, circling to enter the room that we miss. Save my energy. haha

Time for some picture ! >___<

All of us :)

 Vredeburg Museum Shop

On the top of the fort

Triplets Blackberry :p

When Dzuhur we went to the south of the fort and entered Taman Pintar. The idea is to become a place where children not only could play but also study. Sukabumi should have this ! hehe

Taman Pintar Jogjakarta

There's a lot of educational games in this place. I saw my self that there's a lot child having fun here. One that becomes my favorite, the splash pool. So much Hollywood movie. hehe

Gong Perdamaian Nusantara 

There're several zone in that place, forgive me if i'm mistaken. Playground, Playgroup (PAUD), Memorabilia Building, Theater 3D, and Desaku permai. For theater we have to pay Rp 20.000 each person.

Me , Puput and Icha

Hesna in front of Desaku permai

Aji, Adi and anonymous statue

Too bad after this Bilal couldn't be able join us. 
Finished the tour in this museum..we're gonna have lunch. See you :D

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