Siomay Kang Ujang

8:48:00 AM

 March 2nd 2012

It was raining when we left Taman Sari, and we're starving. So we went to the nearest place to eat. And its Siomay..Kang Ujang.


Another funny thing for me. Travelled away to Jogja, but i ate Siomay, the food that is extremely easy too find in my hometown. But lets try how Jogjakarta's siomay tasted. :p

Siomay Kang Ujang

When arrived, we're greeted by the huge box containing a lot siomay. They gave us a plate and we choosed the varians of siomay that we wanted. The siomay is ready to eat, but we could also ask them to fry it. Yaa, just an option. 

The interior is quite cozy. There's a lot of beverages's picture in the wall and all looks yummy. The place is divided into two,  lesehan, and normal chair. Actually, its an old house, but several changes and friendly prices, make this place become one of favorite place to hang out in Jogja, thats what Sari said.

the room with chairs

Lesehan room

Beside this place, there's a sate seller. So, beside siomay..we could also order for some sate. Just like us.  Me, Sari and Adi orderes Siomay, while Hesna ordered Sate. Well, choosing the beverage is a bit harder. So many varians and i didn't familiar with the name. I asked the waiter several time to know that its contain. hehe

Siomay Kang Ujang - Jogjakarta

the sate

this one is my beverage :*

Siomay Kang Ujang now have a lot of branches in Jogjakarta. Back then, the owner sell it in front of college as a street seller or PKL ( Pedagang Kaki Lima). But with dedication and hardwork, look at it now. Okay, i learn something. :)

I forget the price, but the price i have to paid for the siomay and beverage is Rp18.000,00. Yaaa, for a yummy siomay, it paid off. hehe

We're there until almost magrib, and the next destination is..Malioboro ! Time for some shopping.. See you then :D

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