Malioboro Night, Mirota and Raminten

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March 2nd 2012

Never, never think you've visited Jogjakarta if you haven't experience the night at Malioboro street ! It's just awesome. hehehe :D

Malioboro's singer

"..Di persimpangan langkahku terhenti
Ramai kaki lima
Menjajakan sajian khas berselera
Orang duduk bersila
Musisi jalanan mulai beraksi.."
My first time here is with my father, i refused lesehan food and had Mcd instead. Then i went here again with junior high school friend, been given only three hours to enjoyed this place and being stalked by a freak guy, and with high school mate when all i could remember is having so much fun. And now im here again, with no bored and still fascinated by the atmosphere. Ah, got me.
Mirota Batik - Malioboro

It was actually kind of preview-ing stuff we wanted to buy. After so many shop been visited, so many street seller been asked, we were ended up in Mirota Batik. This shop is awesome, there're so many good thing here and i feel like wanted them all ! hahaha

Mirota Batik - Jogjakarta

And the price is so friendly. If you are a kind of person who hard to bargain, you'd be better shop here. Some of stuff in the street is even had a higher price than in this shop, probably because im no good at bargain. So, this shop help me. I bought wayang, rings and bracelet tonight. :3

When shopping, we saw the flyer about cabaret show in the third floor. Curiosity brought us bought the Rp15.000,00 ticket and saw the cabaret. 

Mirota Cabaret Show

And waw, its a transgender show. The first show was actually good. The singer is so pretty and the voice is so girl-like. It amazed me hahaha

But the second one..uuuggghhh -__-
This one is awful, the dance was so vulgar and we couldn't stand it. So its time to go. Hahaha
Such an experience. 

Malioboro Night

So what? Off course its time for some becak and Malioboro Night ! hehe

It was raining by the way, and picture taken from on going becak is almost all blur. So thats all i could get. :(

In Jogjakarta, The House of Raminten is such an it place. On Mirota Batik who held Cabaret Show, it was actually another branch of The house of Raminten. It said that, the owner is an educated and successful transgender. So i see..

The house of Raminten Kota Baru

Lets say i was going from one Raminten to another Raminten..hehe

This place is so cozy and unique. The decoration, the atmoshpere, the waitress even wear a traditional clothes. But, like i said, its an it place. To ate here, i had to wait for an available seat. We register our name and become a waiting list. 

The servant


Too bad my battery was low. I couldn't capture a lot.

Aji and Adi

huge wedang serai

I ordered Wedang Serai, which is so huge and costed me Rp10.000, Otax-otax istimewa Rp7.000, dan Segocing single pakte Rp3.000. And i was full tank afterward ! hehe

The wait and price is paid off. I enjoy the food, the cozy feeling and the inside decoration. I adore the chair !  It so comfort. I'll have one for my future house. hehehe

So, this is the end of my second day in Jogjakarta. See you on the next post ! :D

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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