Our Angel on Earth..

9:51:00 AM

December, 22nd 2016

If you a reader of this blog or if you know me personally, you'll understand how i love celebration or surprises. If i could, i would celebrate each moment just because i know it would them happy. So...for mother days...you guys didn't think i'll miss celebrating it with my family right? hehehe



We had dinner at Sunda Rasa Restaurant (as always) and Ama who's home from her study gave Mom the bouquet i prepared. Celeberating is not always pretty decor or loud music right? A simple act can do.

minus Lala
my baby's face scream for help hahaha
Thank you for everything. Now that Im a Mom i understand more about you. 
I love you.
Im what im today because of you. 

I hope Allah blessed you with happiness and safety in this world and afterlife. Amiiiinnnn :")

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