Ana's Wedding and Our Reunion

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December, 3rd 2016

As we grow up we realized, our friend's wedding day probably the best chance to have a complete reunion with your gang. Agree?

Thats what happen in Ana's Wedding, exclude Demi who's work so far and cant go home, this is the most complete meeting since my wedding !

Too bad that the rain felt heavily on the reception time. But show must go on, look how lovely our bride was !

Congratulation Ana. I hope you can fall in love everyday with your husband like what you did this past year. The long and challenging relationshio finally have its beautiful ending ya? :)

Writing late always have a bitter sweet moment for me. Its sweet when you can recall the good time and can share it with your beloved. And its bitter when you can only recall it and praying "God, can we have that warmth again?"

So...on Ana's wedding, Grey happens to have birthday too. Thats why since before i plan this reunion with Urri and prepare some surprise. On the day, i was helped by Iam to buy the cake cause i need to changed my clothes and picked up Keenan.

Look at Grey's face !  We made it yay !

But we have another suprise. Since on December is also Puput and Urri's bithday, we prepare a cupcakes for them. Its Cat and Sheep ! :*

After that, we ate and talked. Its our first time hanging out with A fau - Shinta's husband too. So finally its not only Mas Ardy who's join us ! hehehe

Finished eating Grey cut the cake and no one want a slice since everyone already eat too much ! 

As i always said, seeing them always make me feel young. This time since there's boy, we didnt really acting crazy. Iam did, but the rest of us still behaved. Its a like hours full of laughter and gossip!

Ah anyway, we have our lunch at brunch Recipe. And i still ordered my favorite chicken parmigiana. Grey also ordered the same, isn't it nice? It comes with big portion and good taste. Tho after that Grey and Urri talk about cooking that i dont understand. Okay, i really cant cook.

It was a really a good day and i wish we have more day like this.

My dear, if you read this. I really wanna say sorry for not understanding and for know nothing about it and how to help. Im sorry that everything we tried to do only make it worst  If what you do now really help you to get through the day then i dont know how to feel. Do i have to feel happy not hearing anything from you? Or do i have to feel relieve that you feel better?

We miss you.

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghormati rekan-rekan/keluarga yang sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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