Nanny's Pavilion

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January 25th 2012

Today, i need to go to Belleza Shopping Arcade for some serious business. Not knowing how to get there but with a little help of my friend Atang, my business went well and its time for some yummy thing ! haha

Jakarta Monarail Wanna Be

By the way, when we get lost i saw the not-finished-yet monorail. Huge and makes me wonder, will i ever experience it? haha

Belleza Shopping Arcade - Jakarta

Another by the way, Belleza Shopping Arcade is something. One word to describe it, Luxurious. Too bad there's still a lot of empty space.

Ok, Its time for Nanny's Pavilion !

I've heard about this place a lot and i guess i heard the right thing. This place is amazing. The food, the decoration, the service, one thing that not very good is the price. haha

Nanny's Pavilion - Gandaria City

Every Nanny's Pavilion has a different decoration. In Gandaria City is about sewing room, if you want to know the other, check here.

Sewing Room - Nanny's Pavilion

Lovely isn't it?

And the food is...aaaah, i can never get enough !

We order Auntie's sausage baked nice, black crunchy caramel waffle and strawberry lemonade. We've been thinking to re-order, but when the food came in the big portion, we didn't think we need to do that anymore. hahaha, save our money :p

black crunchy caramel waffle

Strawberry Lemonade

Auntie's sausage baked rice

The first arrived is the baked rice. What i saw and what i tasted is so different. The taste is....great ! The melting cheese, delicious sausage. Remember it makes me hungry. Totally recomended.

And the same happen to the waffle and lemonade. Just great great great. Do i beling 'lebay'? My mistake..hehe

Atang Darmawan

For the super delicious dinner, it costs us Rp 109.097, totally worth it. Compare to Mr Pancake, i feel like more willingly to spent my money here. My personal opinion (again).

My friend said in Pondok Indah Mall there's a delicious pancake house. Hope to get there soon, yaaay >_<

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