Blenger Burger

2:31:00 PM

Located at Sector 1 Bintaro, this place serve a very awesome burger. Maybe you've heard it before but its my first time try it. So here's my opinion.

Start from the service. Its very quick. Less than five minutes i got my burger ready, warm and delicious. I choose the cheese one and yes, it really cheesy! A big portion and rich taste. I cant get bored :p

Compare to Papa Kitchen's burger or any burger i tasted before, this one is the most delicious !

And the waiters care enough whenever i ask for more sauce or tissue. But the place..well, not really comforting cause there's lack of chairs and desk. But yaa, enough for just eat and go, no gossip and no 'curcol'. haha

For price, not that expensive and if you consider about the'll be paid off. Ah of all the sudden, writing this makes me hungry. Burger come to Mama ! :p

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