Mr. Pancake

11:54:00 PM

January 19th 2012

Ok, just in time when i need a friend to search a present for her, Atang needs a female advice to buy a present for his sister. What a match. So, we went to Lotte Mart Bintaro and ended up in Mr. Pancake.

Mr Pancake - Bintaro

A well decorated place. I love it so much since white is the main colour and the wood and the light. Ah lovely. Make everyone look good when taking picture here. haha

At first, me and Atang a little shocked when we saw the menu. Kind a expensive, the price is started from Rp 20.000. So we ordered one pancake and one drink, and made a plan that after this we'll go to ayam lamongan to fulfill our stomach wishes. HAHAHAHA

which one is the cheapest? hmmh.. :p

We ordered Pancake Platter and one Ice tea. The pancake contains 6 flavour and one scoop of chocolate. Durian, Tiramisu, Blueberry, Chocolate, Apple, and Mango. Delicious. I don't want to sounds excessive but even the tea is really good. Ya, price talks. I didn't even mind to add some sugar.

Pancake Platter

Ice Tea

The service is good, not great, just good. But compare to the price, the taste is not that expensive. I don't know, its purely my personal opinion.

Photo booth

In the end, both of us didn't find any present at all. But at least i tried something new. And now, its time for nasi uduk and ayam lamongan !! hahaha :p

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