Ice Skating..

9:28:00 PM

December 8th 2011

Another new experience, yaay !

Me and my classmate going to Mall Taman Anggrek to try ice skating. Been there by public transportation, and feel so tired. You know, from the Transjakarta shelter to this mall we have to walk like we're forever ! Gosh..~~

And as a bonus, here are the river. Its smells nice. Really.

this is the mall, how different right?

donation post. pay Rp 25000, and u'll be able to join.

After shalat, which is hard to find the mushola. We're going to Skyrink. For one person we have to pay Rp 42.000, but if u're UI or BINUS student you'll get some discount. So envy..hehe


oke, im good at it

no no no ! im going to fall !

There's a lot of foreigner i met here, oh well, i saw. Mostly Korean. Its nice to hear them speak..hehe

After the ice being re-iced. Its getting harder to enjoy skating. 
You know, I have a problem with anything required balance. So its hard for me to finally enjoy this even before the re-iced. For the sake of good news, i fell just...more than five time. haha

But i feel so satisfy to finally skating with no help. Its worth the pain. Super thanks to Puji and Hendik for being such a nice teacher. hehe

love the shirt agung !

while waiting the re-iced

i feel,  live would be easier if you see it like (me) playing ice skating. You try your best, you fall down, you laugh about it, you get up and try again. Sometime the fall down hurt so much, sometimes people hit you, and you hit them, you still go on and in the end find the beauty of victory.

sounds weird? 
i know..:p

Agung, Me, Puji, Andro, Hendik and Bayu

Thanks for the day fellas. i enjoy it :D

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