FORMASI night :)

9:56:00 PM

Still December 8th 2011

I admit, i go out a lot now days. I just enjoying my last year. When i finally work, seems time to play is hard to find. That's my excuse :p 

So FORMASI is kind a group where STAN student from Sukabumi gather. FORMASI it self is an acronim from Forum Mahasiswa STAN Sukabumi. And today, we're going to greet our new member ! 

There's Rubinto, Reggy Novro Purwandy, Sasonoto D Hasbullah and Hinda Anisah. But only Hinda join us tonight :(

But show still go on ! We eat, we play, and share laughter. How fun !

The crew of this place is awesome ! They even dance when we first show up ! Ah, too bad i left my camera at home. I filmed them and take some other photos. Later i'll update this post. I promised :)

Blok M sky :)

A lot people celebrate birthday tonight. From a sweet one, to a crazy one. What a view. Why don't u share those cake? haha

And when the waitress ask if we want to play Jumanji, im the one who say YES loudly. And actually scream and regret it so damn loudly too. This Jumanji game i know is about animals, but here is about ghost. I scream and freaking out like an idiot til the gosh laugh at me. Oh God. I'll never do this again.

But surelly its a good night.
I welcome you sister and brother. We're here as a family, so feel free to ask fo help. I'll do what i can :)


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