Secret in Charity #3

12:01:00 AM

Its the day !!

Before they come to our belove collage, we prepare everything. From the food, the games, the everything. So when they come, we could welcome them properly.

test -check-test

still checking

We divided them into 4 group, and my job for today is to help those childern having fun, especially for group KUCING. (Translate : cat )

we're cat ! meooooong~

After get to know each other and breakfast, we asked them to paint or to simply write what they wanna be in a paper. Some could draw with no sweat..but some, need so much persuasion.

There's Jidan, he didnt draw, he didint write, he didnt answer every question we ask. But when i talk to him like hours (hehe), i finally found out that he cant write or read ! So i help him. Do you know? He want to be a police. Wish youre dream come true, Jidan :)

After they're finished their paper, we put in on the board so everyone can see. Also, we ask some of them to  speak in front of the class about their paper. And this girl said she want to be a teacher so she will be able to take care orphan like her. She cried, and kinda hard for us to stay still, and not crying. 


The team did a great job in adjusting the game. We've been informed that the children is about grade 4-8. But when they come, there's a lot preschool children. And the consumtion team, wonderfull. They did the harderst part and turn out to be perfect and makes all of them happy. Great job Sastri, Agung, and all. :)

So now its time for the game. There are 5 games for them to play. Crocodile, Spiderweb, Shepherd, Chessfield, and Flora Fauna.

are you ready ? aye aye captain !

look at the camera kiddo ! :)

Crocodile game

move faster ! move faster !

 Spider web

The children..they are wonderful and energyfull ! They love games and they want to play more and more. In order to wait the next post free, we even play "kucing-kucingan" than to take a rest. fuuihhh, im old. so im tired :(

Shepherd game

the princess like

In flora fauna post

We did great at games and now, like it or not, they have to take a rest. Actually we have one more games, balap karung. But it started to rain outside. :(

singing together

Hokben never tasted this good

smileeeeeeeeeee :)
But show still go on. After take a lunch, they give us some performance. Nice show kiddo, love it. :)

And we give them our performance too ! haha

sing dance and laugh

Before closing, they lead us for praying. and it really got me. Hard to hide the tears actually..T__T

from us with love

So its time to say good bye, Today is great.
To have a chance seing you is a gift for me. Thank you, for those smile we shared. We're family, yes we are.

Class, we finished our homework. I dont care if we got B, C or even D. We have more than those alphabet. We have L, O, V, E and F, A, M, I, L, Y. right?

"kakak, coba kakak ikut kita besok, pasti rame" Indri to me. 
Aaaah, such a pure and honest child. It only takes one day to make me love you all. Stay happy please, cause when you smile, you could light up everything around you. Smile, it'll get better. Smile, just smile. 

Good day sunshine, cant wait to see you again :)

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keputusan rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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