Secret in Charity #2

12:00:00 AM

Okay, we've got the money we need. Time to spend it and to prepare things. Its H-1 baby !!!

Today, November 12th 2011, we had a replacement class and its batik day ! Nice to finally have one day going to collage with no one-coloured-shirt.

its deryl, dimas and Fuji. Funny is'nt it?
After class finish, we take a lot of picture. Capturing us with the lecturer, capturing us trying the games, planning how tomorrow will be. Ah, i love this day's picture. Why? cause its contained a lot of smile.
Spider Web test drive :p
Akbar helped by Nico
Its Nico,  the head of event section
Me and Akbar from behine
Yes its us ! :3
Puji and Monday, what makes u laugh ji? :)
Shepherd game
The Audience
Although i left my phone in my room, miss my parents and felt galau all day, Although it's tiring and we're need some rest, but we have a lot more smile to share. What a nice distraction :)

Some Music pleaseeee :*
Puji, the most experience one with kiddo
Esa esaaaa :)
Huda the sleeping king
Agung + Esa
Jump Jump !
Planning time
So i really cant wait til tomorrow ! Hope you like it kiddo !  yaaaay :)

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai keputusan rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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