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The Previous day i met this funny creature at my collage. He's an old friend of mine. First met when i join taekwondo and yaa..he's already funny that day. Maybe, it is because his big nose? #not makes sense, i know#

His name is Sandy Rifky, he's applying to D3 Khusus STAN. See how much this world related us? His brother is my former classmate in high school and apparently, we go to the same collage (he's a D1 STAN graduated ) ! Hope you're accepted a kodok (his nick name), collage day will be so much happier :)

So today, we decided to do some hangout thing. And for my surprise, he wear v-neck ! hahahahaha

He didn't bring extra clothets, so he borrow one. And got jackpot ! So happy to make fun of it :p

Actually that day i had a appointment with my classmate, to do some karaoke thing before exam. But in the morning i feel my first period a bit hurting so i cancel them. When i felt better, this lucky guy called. So at 12 o'clock we went to Bintaro Plaza. Luckily the sun didn't shine that much so we could enjoy walking-talking from PJMI to finally take 'angkot' (kind a public transport). 

At the very first time, we didin't know where to go. Cinema? not enough time. But when we see this one, we finally know where go spend this afternoon. 

Oh yaa, he gave me this. Yumyum but kind a annoying cause it feels like 'bubur kacang ijo' but there's no kacang ijo we could chew. Yaaa, maybe thats my it said "Sari Kacang Ijo". Anyway this is my first time drinking it, so enough to share :p

Nice place, comforting. And of course we order beef ribs, its on the tagline ! hehe

He said this place a bit famous, so where am i this day for not knowing this? 

the lamp with unique accessories 

Huge glass of tea.
Look like AW rootbeer for the first sight.

The food is good, mine is fried beef ribs penyet and his is beef ribs soup. Both are delicious. And the soup has a fresh taste. Lime leave for sure, ah super yumyum. Ah the tea, thought its a sweet tea, but its not. Sad :(



Good thing to have a funny friend, you will not be able to stop laughing ! hahaha

From joke to the talk about jobs, family, goal, love life, ah..surely we talk about a fine house in Selabintana. Me want it too ! Ah, should we start "ngamen" from now on a kodok? hehe

A kodok and me

Oh yes, i tried this yogurt snow iced, forgot of what i've ordered and felt surprised with the extra sour syrup. Super sour till he said my face have an over expression. Not its not, it is really sour. You had something wrong with your face to stay cool like that. haha

the super sour

the casheer

inside sneak peek 

Okay, i felt so satisfied with the food, especially cause its free. And a lot more satisfied with the day cause of you Mr. Sandy or A Kodok and watching Indonesia vs Malaysia live at Gelora Bung Karno ! I'll tell more in the next post.

Such a great hang out. Thank you and hope you pass the test so we could do this more.

Sankyuuu oppa :*

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