(5) The End of Surabaya Journey

11:16:00 PM

June, 16th 2013

Me and Mona spent the morning on beauty salon. Now i feel human again hahaha
After that the boys picked us from the mall and drive us to the dorm. Since Bayu need to picked up her mom, he left us there as we pack our bags. Not wanting to inconvenience Bayu, we tried to used taxi to the air port. Buuuuuut, it turned out that Surabaya was lack of public transportation. We need almost an hour to finally found a taxi to drive us to the mall where Bayu waited us. And it was expensive. hiks.

Bayu fulfilled our wish by driving us to the legendary monument in Surabaya. hihihihi  After that we rushed to the airport, nearly late but Alhamdulillah they still let us in. Fyuuuh.

Anyway, this is the second time for me in plane. And it was with my best friend. Happy ! 

Anyway the flight was smooth and landed save in Jakarta. After Mona found her bus.. me plua  Om lakek and Om endud who picked me had a dinner together in the airport. 

Aaa...this is such a perfect holiday. Best friend wedding, exploring Surabaya and Malang with Bestfriend....nothing but Alhamdulillah.

And this is where i have to say...Sayonara Surabaya ! Hope to enjoy you again in the future :))

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