Khitanan Dede Fadly

9:55:00 AM

June, 22th 2013

One of my niece was finally facing one of his life step, which is khitan or circumcision. In my homeland culture, (though we didn't do that with my brother) we celebrate it to make the child (or the parents) happy. 

So this is the documentation when we celebrating Dede Fadly circumcision. One thing i love about this event...families were coming !

Wa Tati, Wa Haji and Dede Fadly

she was having her moment

Fadly. Fajrin and De Cha

Teh Ajeng, Teh Ayu, me and Teh Wida

Below there are a lot of family picture taken that day. Im sooooo happy that my family is kinda photoholic. haha

Dede Fadlan

with his father, Mang Ade

this is Azfar, Teh Ajeng's son


Chinong, Chacha ana Donto

Chinong and Teh Santi's daughter

Dede Apik :*



Iye and Ateu Iyung

my lovely parents


Mom with her sisters

they are awesome ! haha

im playing around with dede apik

Lala at her finest

what were you laughing at girls?

Such a lovely day. Oh ! Actually Gede's family was coming too. But we cant make it to met. Hiks. Hope there will be some next time hehehe :))

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