(4) Sempu Island

6:58:00 PM

June, 16th 2013

Morning in Malang. We finally know where we gonna go...its Sempu Island. The place that i never heard before. Oh, i love having no clue like this.. things will surprise me. :)

Sempu Island - Malang

According to Bayu's plan, we should be start walking before sunrise...but its not us if we're ontime (:p), at 8 pm we still walking around for some breakfast hahaha

Bayu insist that we will survive and make it there without the guide, he had talked with several people who agree on walking there together. Also, we didn't rent the special shoes for climbing...we went there by sandal. Simply said that this is some kind of reckless journey. 

Well, i dont think that walk is the right word to explain what we did 3 hours there. Its should be climbing because the road was down high and in a very very worse condition i ever imagine. Its like coral and rocks covered in mud. I cant used sandal because it make it hard to walk. 

Every step felt so hurt, the trip felt so long since we lost in the middle of the forest. Now i can imagine what its like to be stuck in the forest..depressed, angry and thirsty. And know how happy its like to heard the sound of water getting closer. That moment i know, hope has the amazing power to move us. 

All the pain, blood, thirst, hunger, confusion is totally paid off when we arrive, its like heaven ! A hidden heaven which cost us lots of sacrifice to feel it.  Subhanallah, Its so beautiful :")

the one who climb with us

We didn't stay there long because the boat will pick us at 5 pm or we will be charged almost 50% more. Another reason to leave soon was...we didn't wanna be in the middle of forest in dark. It would be so scary and i really dont want to imagine it. 


On the way back we hire a guide because we cant stand of being lost again. We're too tired for that. Oh here are some photos of the road we have to walk through. Its only the start so.. lets say..its the easiest level.

After 2,5 hours of climbing we went to the beach on time. Dirty, tired and thirsty.. Ah my camera bag....dirty as i was. I really didn't wanna think about it and let Atang take care of it. Mine..will be taken care by beauty salon as soon as we arrived at Surabaya. Meni-pedi-massage, i need youuuuuuuuu !

After cleaned up and dinner we drove directly to Surabaya and arrived around 2 am. After some short sleep we went to the bus station because Uma, Retno and Ratih need to went home. Ah...it wasn't feel enough. I still want to spent some more hour with them :(

Well...about this journey. If you ask me if i want to repeat the journey my answer will be.. absolute no! 
Sometimes plan is needed, especially when it related to nature. And climbing without protection, without guide and without a clue of what condition we're going to face are too reckless and it could put us in danger. 

But if you ask me whether i regret it or not, my answer will also be...absolute no !
It was one of a lifetime moment. I was so proud of my self that i could conquer Sempu Island without shoes, without guide and with Geng Bibik plus my boy friend. So...Bayu and Atang, please dont feel bad to us. We're okay and we're happy to have this moment together. :)

Oh, Some information for you who want to explore Sempu Island...the boat which took us to and from sempu island cost Rp100.000,00/boat, the guide cost the same Rp100.000,00/group. The conclusion is...the more the merrier ! hehe

Some Picture taken by Atang Darmawan

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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