First Pregnant Photo Shoot

10:12:00 AM

June, 23th 2013

Hello ! 
This is my first time shooting a family commercially.  To make it more special, the mommy were pregnant too ! Hihihi

But im so sorry,  i was lack of time to edit this is a raw photos. The edited photo like always is at dua5 Photography.  Sorry for the inconvenience but please do enjoy :)

This photo shoot should be outdoor, but since the night before the husband was felt and dislocate his foot so we change the location on the last minutes to be in their house. The the lack of property and the beautiful autism daughter, we managed to make it work. Yasmine is adorable ! She cooperated well enough and i cant stand but to love her. Ah grow up well lil girl :)

And i wish nothing but the comfort and smooth delivery for mommy and baby ! :)

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