Fesbudnus 2013

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April, 21th 2013

My very favorite event on my campus was happening that day. And i was so happy that i could experience it again. So...its a yay ! hehe

Oh, here are some picture of our campus. Some part were just renovated and some...just like an old time.

Student Center - STAN
This year event, Fesbudnus took place at Student Center's Parking lot. The are was so huge and somehow it made the event a bit empty. 

Fesbudnus STAN 2013

me and Hesna
I went there with Hesna, Atang and Fajri. Oh ya, before going to SC, we had breakfast at Warung Jatim. I miss their urap and tahu goreng so much ! :p  And to made it complete, we met up with Dea in the parking lot. Huraaaaaay !

my favorite lecture, Bu Woro ! >_<

As always, Fesbudnus contain so many cultural stuff which i love. You named it, dance...songs...traditional clothes. Ah, thanks to Atang so i could enjoyed it so much without having to shoot, cause yeah..he did it. hehehe

A disturbing head -__-

Since its on Kartini Day, there's an traditional dress competition for kids in this event. So cute to saw them, they're so tiny and...hug-able. :p

And of course, we wont pass this event without taking picture on the photo booth. Hahaha

Dea, Hesna and me

After that we went to near Lotte Mart for some lunch. At first we wanted to go to Bebek Kaleyo, but it was closed. So we ended up at....street seller. :p

Well...what can i say? It such a happy feeling. Knowing that you can go out with your friend again.. Ahh, lately..Life's so good to me, Alhamdulillah :')

Picture taken by Atang Darmawan

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