Ginara's April Collection

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April, 14th 2013

Took the second photoshoot for Ginara. This time the model is Ineke Andiny, Aninda Kawitani and the owner Teh Gina Marlina. Dress by Ginara, Hijab by Kawitani and Bumi Geulis Hijab. Enjoy the picture :) 

Teh Ineke

Teh Gina

Teh Aninda

The photoshoot started at 9 am ended at 5 pm. Such a long and tiring day. But the model was so helping. The Ineke was always ready to shoot. And i love love love her cold stare. Just perfect. :3

Aka when he took a bath
Teh Gina's son

the tired photographer

Well, today i just had a first hard decision about this so called job. I miss my brother's birthday T___T. This photoshoot was planned to last week, but none of us, Teh Gina, me and the model was able on that day. This week was the only day that all of us available to shoot. Leave me no choice but to be professional. 

But until now, i still feel sad about that :(

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