Made My Day..

7:23:00 PM

April, 25th 2013

Wanna know how to be happy that day?

Well for me, I simply went to I-Tutor, opened the door to the classroom a greeting on the whiteboard from my student for me. Yes, for only me. 

They told me that they went there earlier, clean the room and prepare the surprise for me. They even gave me so many present. Ya Allah, i feel so blessed. :')

my super lovely student when we watched a movie

Sefty gave me Bika Ambon, Cyla gave me Richeese, Dinda gave me Silverqueen and Salwa....she gave me a book tittled ''.
" Ini maksudnya apa ya Miss nya dikasi buku ini. Miss nya disuruh cari soulmate gitu?"
" Ya buat Miss aja. Buat dibaca kalau Miss lagi galau.."
" ................"

Well i....just dont know what to say anymore. Thank you so much ya.. Miss Icha loves it so much :')

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