Smash The Cake !

4:57:00 PM

Since we failed to took a proper photo of him and his first cake, we order a smaller cake for the sake of...more photos ! hihihihi

I guess i should say this earlier that in this post, i will not telling you anything cause i just want to show Keenan smashes the cake which quite failed since i put the cake in the refrigerator so its frozen hahahahahaha

But as the time goes bu, he could actually eat the cake. Yay !

As you can see the decor i used in this photoshoot is exactly his birthday decoration. Even his clothes are the same ! hahahaha

The 'cupcake' cake is again from Dapur Mungil. Its brownies inside and less sugar cause its specially for Keenan.

He's quite enjoying his moment there. Touching the cake, eating the creme and the cake, smiling to the camera. Thanks to Aunty Tia and Iye who help me to make a cheerful moment so that it captured on the picture.

When he is done with the cake and start crying..thats the time to end up the shoot too bad i cant share a lot. But, Im quite happy with the picture tho.

Anyway, as always...mommy eats all the leftovers ! HAHAHA

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