A Love Letter For My Husband..

11:18:00 AM


Its was 6th of April last year when you gave me those flowers. It was no one birthday, neither did our celebration. You gave me that because i was mad at you the night before. I dont really recall why i was so mad but i guess it was something silly. But you took it seriously.

I remember when i made a mistake and i was so angry with my self. You're the one who made everything feels okay when i was actually the one who have to do that and ask for your forgiveness. But you never asked it, you forgive right away.

Whenever i start to lose my self in handling Keenan, you're always there to take control. Yes, you're the reason our son raised yelled free. Im grateful that we could really share parenthood and adulthood experience together. It makes everything easier. 

In dark time when i'm worry about you so much, you're standing still. A bravest, strongest, honest person i know only lower his voice cause it turn out you worry about how i take the news.

Dear husband, you're really a dream come true. I cant ask for a better companion in life since God sent me you. You're an older brother that i dont have, a partner in business, a great listener, a wise decent man, a husband im glad to marry, a great father to our son. In short, you're my everything.

You know that i dont celebrate new year or make doa only in this event. But i do wish that you get stronger and wiser each day to carry on, to face everything whether its better or worst. They say we cant ask life to easier, right? So that'll be a proper wishes, i guess.

I wish this year, we can start moving forward, chasing our dream, together. I wish we could be happier than before, giving more than before, and closer to each other than before.

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  1. So sweet.. love is unpredictabble, love is misterius, but love make we always have a dream and warm in dept
    of our heart ��


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