Ujung Genteng ( Day1 )

2:36:00 PM

December 29th 2011

Thank God i could finish my homework before this day, so i could join them to UJUNG GENTENG !

It's a FORMASI Agenda, kind a position handover. We went there at 8 and arrived at 12. Such a long and tight journey. We rent an APV for this trip, it cost one million rupiah for two days, exclude the driver and the gas. We've been thinking to go there with public transportation but it seems not possible :(

So, an APV for 11 person. Can you imagine that? haha

On my last trip to this place, which is when i was in primary school, tree is everywhere. But as you see above, time changed. But Thank God, after an hour of journey, tree is everywhere again.

So, we stayed at Pondok Hexa. It provides a swimming pool, bike for rent, restaurant, gift shop and a small pub. Most of car i see is plated B, i rarely see F plate here. Well, I actually think its a nice place. Even i will consider it for my honeymoon ! hahaha, could you imagine? a virgin beach, bicycling at sunrise or sunset, walk hand by hand on the sand. awwwww :*

But yaa, i guess i'll rent a better room. hahaha

Pondok Hexa - Ujung Genteng

Tiram room - Pondok Hexa

We stay at Tiram room, on normal day it costs only Rp 400.000 but because of new year event it becomes Rp 600.000. 


After eating and after rain stopped, we went to the beach. White sand and clear water. Ah, perfect.

'ciprat-cipratan' is fun !

But rain start pouring again, drizzle. And for my surprise, the wind is so strong and cold ! Beach should be warm or even hot and shiny. It's weird for most of us.

I asked my friend to take my picture but its way too rainy and the wind blows too strong, i cant even pose :(

We walked away from beach and went to the swimming pool ! I swam with a full clothes, like everybody else. hahaha :p

At 5 o' clock to went to Pangumbahan beach, the turtle breeding place. On my way i saw many cows. Cow really? On the beach side? :s

The Beach is pretty. 
The road? its a sand road, no asphalt, no rocks. And we went there after raining. Such a...an interesting journey. Oh, the beach is a bit far from the place we stayed, thats why we hire a guide. Costs us Rp 70.000.

You see that wall? Its to secure the area. Turtle is nearly extinct animal, those wall limits people to enter the area in order to save the turtle eggs and the place it self. Have you heard that turtle will spawn in the same place they are been spawned? 

Pangumbahan Beach

Every 5.30 pm, There's a turtle release ceremony in this beach. Thats what brought us here. For joining this ceremony we have to pay Rp 5000. To my surprise, there're so many people gather here. Like every single person in every room go out and comes here.

The picture above is a place where turtle eggs buried. It takes 60 day to hatch. The one with a hole? It means some of eggs has been hatched. Every hole contains 100 eggs on average.

We stand in line and after a while we're asked to sit down. They give every one of us a baby turtle to release and a moment to take picture with it.

It so exciting. Like every newborn, this baby turtle was so soft. I named you Raisha, like my name. And i will let you free, go to the ocean where you belong. You have to fight for you life and after 25 years go back here and let me and my kids see you spawn. okay, dear Raisha? 

In this beach, we're not allowed to swim. If we want to go around the beach to take a picture or so so, we are not allowed to lift our feet when the water touch us. They afraid waves bring back the turtle and we by accident step on it. It could kill them.

this picture is so funny, haha

We met Mr. Janawi. The one who manage this place, we talk much about turtle and of course, take a picture together !

Mr janawi is on my right.

Remember the one with a hole?
On our way back, we saw they finally hatch and climb up. A hundred baby turtle. Waw !

At night we're able too see the turtle spawn. And we will be informed by giving our contact number. Can't wait til night ! hahaha

After a delicious dinner and a exciting card game, we went back to Pangumbahan beach and saw the turtle spawned !

If im not mistaken it at 11 o'clock. Such a wonderful experience.
Lets see what tomorrow brings ! yaaaaay :*

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  1. What a beauty trip...Someday I must visit Southern Sukabumi.

  2. yes yes, you have to !
    such a beautiful place to visit. :)

  3. just wanna get that pretty seashore, look at the beautiful sunrise
    release tukik and let it go home :D
    wow, i'll be there for sure

  4. thats a very good plan. hehe
    contact me if you any help gung :D


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