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01 Desember 2011 - 03 Desember 2011

I know, i is so last year post. But what can i say? I've just received the picture yesterday. So, let me share you today what we've done last year. haha 

In our first plan, they should be arrived the day before but its dark already so Atang, the driver couldn't drive. They finally arrived at 10 o'clock in the morning. I brought them to my house in order to waited my father show us the way to the room we'll stay. But, my father had to see his dentist, took a while until we're finally went there. A while that we use to took a picture. hahaha

boyband wanna be :p

So who are they actually? Why i called them 'family' ?
They are Dessy, Sari, Alfa, Yandri, Atang, Refday, Gede, and Kadek. Actually there's a missing member, Silmi. She couldn't join us due to her parent permition. I know them at second grade and they were helping me so much, to pass my test so i could even got cumlaude, to pass the life it self with their advice. More than friend, its a family. How lucky i'm to know them :')

So, after an hour of green view, we're finally arrived at Pondok Halimun, kind a camping site where tree is everywhere, where the river is so clear and where the wind is so cold. bbrrrr...

Pondok Halimun - Sukabumi

a very clear and cold water

After we put our bag and my dad left us, we played around the river, took some picture. and ya...have you ever try to do wudhu in the river? We have tried. :)

After Shalat we left Pondok Halimun. We went to Az Zahra waterboom but it's already closed so we went to Taman Sari. Time for swimming ! yaaaaaay :*

guess its an intimate conversation :p

Kadek and Atang
geugeu the waiters haha

One of the common sense after swimming is..hungry. So i brought them to Wisata Kuliner Slamart. We order each different food from sate, sop kaki, siomay, mi kocok, pancake, etc, and i insisted them to try 'tutut', sundanese's escargot. Some of them like it ayeeeee !

 Wisata Kuliner Slamart - Sukabumi

My parent went to Cirebon and left my house empty. Thinking that its way more comfort to sleep at my house than in that cottage, we decided to go to Pondok Halimun, packed our bags, ate some roasted corn, saw some stars, and back to sleep at my house. 

On the next day, we should be woke up early and went to Pondok Halimun again to climb and see Curug Cibeureum but..we're so tired and woke up late. On our way to have a breakfast in Lapang Merdeka, ( i told you this kupat sayur in Lapang Merdeka is soooooo delicious !) , our car grind a ball from Mardi Maluya School. We replace it, dont worry :p

Oh ya, in Lapang Merdeka hall there's a sundanese exhibition. How great it held that day, so they could see.

Its 11 o'clock, soon the boys must do Shalat Jumat, it takes one hour to reach Pondok Halimun and another one hour to climb. Its not possible to do Shalat there but we're not allowed to climb after 12 o'clock. So, forget Curug Cibeureum, it's no longer possible. I've been thinking to brought them to Buni Ayu cave, but i dont know the way :(

So we went back home and after Shalat Jumat, we went to the beach !! Yaaaaaaaay :*

Miss calculation, i thought its only takes two hours to get there, but..its almost four hours ! We're arrived at 5.30. We miss Gua Lalay show, we didn't go to the beach, but thank God..Cisolok hot spring still welcome us. Although the big pool wasn't ready to use, just refilled so its way too hot, we could use the small one. And with some help the pool is exclusively for us to enjoy !

Cisolok hot spring - Sukabumi

the river

After buying some food, we went to Canaan Institute to spend the night there. After eating we've planned to swim but they didn't allow us. How sad. T_T

prove how stingy Korean is

In the morning we planned to see the sunrise but again and again, we're late. So after taking photos, we went to the beach. Finally !

Canaan Institute - Pelabuhan Ratu

We went to Cibangban beach, such a nice place. I tried sliding over the wave and somehow i like it. Self note to my self : I have to go to Cimaja beach and learn how to surf ! haha

Cibangban Beach

Time for some seafood !!
Due to my family inside joke, we called this place "sesuap 5000", because its kind a expensive but have yummy taste.

this picture is funny :p

Udang asam manis, my favorite

Cumi Bakar, delicious !

Finished eating we went to my house again. Actually i feel a bit disappointed to my self. How could i be such a terrible guide. A lot of place failed to visit. aaah T__T

At 3 o'clock they left my house, it feels empty without them. I kind miss Sari's sound, Atang and Gede playing a good song, Mami's care. I do had a good time with them, hope they had it too. hehe

Come visit Sukabumi again ! I'll serve you better ! hehe

P.S. Postingan ini sudah diedit demi menghargai rekan-rekan yang saat ini sudah memutuskan berhijab. Terima kasih :)

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  1. great post... this reminds me to my memories. keep writing...

  2. well well, thank you. :)
    have u visit sukabumi?


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