Ujung Genteng ( Day 2 )

12:27:00 PM

Bad news ! A very bad news !
My Hardisk external is broke. Aaaaah T___T

All picture captured in Ujung genteng i save in that hardisk. But i have to always find a reason to thank God. Thank God my friend shared some picture in facebook, so you can see this picture below :)

December 30th 2011

I woke up late and i miss the sunrise. aaaarrrrggghhhh !
Look how beautiful the sunrise was..aaah aah aaah aaaah aaah :(

Sunrise at Ujung genteng

some moment later.

Morning at the beach we're playing some game, and ayeeee it was so fun !

I really love this place, so peaceful. The people is so nice and live down to earth. How they work, how they interact wasso friendly and welcome, how they take care of their surrounding. I feel like so into this place. Kind a place where i can spend my granny years, with my husband of course. hehe

Its shining,

and beautiful
Ujung Genteng - Sukabumi

We check out at 12 o'clock. Before leaving i visited the gift shop and want all the things they sell. But in the end, i brought this..

each of it cost Rp 10.000
for this one Rp 45.000

Our journey continue to Curug Cikaso. Its a luck that the rain stopped the moment we went there. Curug means a waterfall, and this waterfall is so huge yet beautiful. My first time here and i got so exited ! hehe

To reach the site, we had to boating along the river. Some say this place and Ciamis Grand Canyon is alike. 

Curug Cikaso - Sukabumi



Oh yaaa, from this river we could reach Ujung genteng beach if we boating all night. My father have experienced that and he said its fun. 




raining again

Some of waterfall i've visited before splash a very cold water, probably because it in mountain area. But this near-the-beach waterfall is not that cold. I thought its not the place where we could swim, way too dangerous. But some people did that. Even Kak Ian and Ahmad tried to Jump over the big rock. Cool. 

Curug Cikaso - Sukabumi

Fornasi at Curug CIkaso

before  jumping. haha

Ka Ian, Rubi, and Ahmad
How about me?
I was too afraid and tried to follow what my parent said, so i didn't swim. I was just taking some picture to remember, like most people did here. There's a couple, probably married couple, taking picture here. I guess it would be a nice picture to hang on their living room wall. Envy..hahaha

On our way back, i take the tip side. Hoping it would be a nice picture if someone shoot me but its raining. So, even im not swimming i still need to change my clothes. haha

After eating we went back home, we saw so many car headed to Ujung Genteng, to celebrate New Year eve there, i guess. Ah, home is enough for me. hehe

A very special trip for me. Thank you a lot for this experience FORMASI ! 
Lets make another one soon ! hahahaha

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  1. wow.. keren ah.. pantes si fauzi recommeded ujung genteng pas mau jalan2.. eh ternyata dia udah ke sana.. :D

    salam kenal!
    Salam Blogger STAN! Oya, ntar kopdar wajib datang ya.. :)

  2. aiih jadi pengen kseini bangettt mau naik perahu dong cha :p

  3. iya emang bagus banget deh. mari-mari ke sukabumi, hehehe
    oh mau ada kopdar ya? asiiiiik >_<

    iya makanya liburan kesini jeng,,hehe


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