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I dont know if its the effect of crying hard on siraman or its just me being so nervous..i found my head feels so heavy the night before the wedding. Me, my siblings, my parents, mas ardy, his sister and parents are sleeping in the same hotel. But i couldn't tell any of them, i called my Wo instead. Umiew, the head of my WO rushed in to my room and calm me down "Encaa, everything is under control. Now get your beauty sleep. I'll wake you up at 3 !"

And, he really meant it. At 3 o'clock he's knocking on my door, waking me up and start doing his magic. The result? See below hehe

Akad Nikah will be held at 8 am so at 7 i was already in the mosque, hiding. I didn't really see all those procession below. I just hid there with Geng Bibiks, laughing and taking picture, like everytime we gather. But when they called me out. Suddenly, i had a panic attack.

So...this is finally happen. Im married, im a wife !
I still remember the fast heart beat, the nervous feeling, the..relieve after hearing they said "SAH". Oh my, i've been waiting for this all my life. Wondering who's gonna be my husband, how its gonna be..its like the answer of my prayer.

Ijab Kabul or Akad Nikah

can you feel my happiness?

After ijab kabul or akad nikah, there's a sungkeman procession. The different we're kneeling in front of both parents. The WO said "no more crying, its done yesterday." but when we do it, we cant help the feeling.  :(

Sungkeman after Akad Nikah

After that, Mas Ardy giving me the Mahar, which is money Rp 2.052.015,- in a frame , some jewelry and gold. Incase you ask, the nominal is the date of our wedding day. Teh Siska did a great job by arranging it into a super cute frame !

We're also making vows and exchanging the rings. Now my finger have some sparkle in it ! hahaha

While waiting for the main building to be ready, me and Mas Ardy took some more picture of us. Uuughh, have i said how much i love our outfit? 

My dream to be married in Sundanese wedding attire finally come true !

Sundanese wedding dress

Since Mas Ardy's bother couldn't come to our wedding because he's in Perth, we facetime him and his family. Now i have a big brother and a big sister. My family grows :)

Here comes the Ngeyeuk Seureuh and Saweran ceremony. We really ask the MC to make it less-vulgar. You know how ngeyeuh seureuh goes, i just cant imagine me doing that hahaha


Meuleum Harupat

Ngeuyeuk Seureuh

Ngaleupas Japati

After that we're entering the main building, also in cultural ways. So there's a lengser, dances, dog-dog lojor...complete pack of sundanese wedding ! Thanks to Sanggar Mutiara Pelabuhan Ratu.I never thought the cultural ceremony in my wedding will be this complete ! :)

So..after that we took some picture in pelaminanan and get back to changing clothes. Wedding reception is coming ! See you on the next post :*

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