Our Wedding Celebration

11:34:00 AM

Its time for some celebration !

From Sundanese, we changed out attire with suit and dress. Happy that i could wear my dream gown by Norma Hauri, Mas Ardy also looking good with that suit hihihi

Incase you wonder, both of our parents refuse to change their clothes in the middle of event. Said that its inconvenient. So...they wore their peach kebaya and suit from the beggining. No white kebaya and dodotan for them tho we already prepared it.

We entered the main building with my bridesmaid standing to greet us, white roses in their hand, just as i wish for. Their soooo beautiful. Im so happy that get to celebrate this with them, love !

At 12 we started the celebration, and the guess keep coming and making lines until 2.30. We got no time to eat, to sit, to took some picture to our closed one is also hard since the line already so long..even to the parking lot. The WO keep saying "make it fast fast !" 

So, we're so sorry for the inconvenience dearest friend. Mom and Dad invite so much -_-

At 3, the line finally missing and we can get some drink and sit. 
Standing three hour in 15cm heels really killing my legs. Ugh ! Watch our your shoes choice bride-to-be. Learn from my mistakes hehe

Anyway, i prepared this for almost 4 months and its over now without me really experience it. Not a single food tasted by me that day. The only things we get are a glass of water and orange juice Hahaha

When it comes to photo session of us, we're already tired so we dont took much photo. Draineeeeed.

In this chance, i reallyreally want to thank every each of you who helps us, who comes to our wedding, who prays for us from a far. Really cant make it without you !

Here's some photo our group guess, for complete photo you can check my facebook ! :D

Umiew WO

Junandfriendmusic, ruin my wedding ! ugh!

Geng Bibiks and Rani

Loveeee :*



Mas Ardy Big Family

KPP Pratama Sukabumi

Moka Kota Sukabumi

My pupils 


Sukabumian :*

SI Beybeh

With the former Bupati

My new parents and sister

Mom's friend

Family :*

Formasi STAN

Afril's family

with my father's staff

the aunties


Pager Ayu and Pager Bagus

With the current Wakil Bupati

our tired face

After closing, we went straight to the hotel. Warm bathtub and food are two things i need the most, except my husband of course ! hihihihi

We giggle everytime we said 'husband' or 'wife', cant believe that we're already married! Hope we cooperate well, deat lifemate. There's so many thing ahead to be conquer together ! I love youuuuu :*

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