My Own Siraman

4:12:00 PM

I've been seeing this procession all my life, been capturing people's doing this too behind the camera..and never i witness it without shedding some tears. Now, my time finally comes..

Of all the feeling i thought im gonna feel, this is beyond that....

I felt so..sad, even before everything started. Today, probably the last day my parent hold a full responsibility over me. At this hour tomorrow, im gonna be someone's wife, a different life role which totally new for me.

And im never be a good speaker, especially when it related to heart-to-heart issue. All this years, i probably writing a lot of i love you for my family than saying it. But today, on this special moment. I have to ask my parents blessing for my marriage, asking them to forgive me, saying how much i thankful, how i much i love front of family. Can you feel me?

As usual, the procession start with praying together, and after that..the MC start singing in sundanese as i crawl to the front of my parents. This symbolize me as the child, a reminder also matter how big still their lil girl. 

After that..the sungkeman procession held.
The most overwhelmed of all. Im parents are crying, my siblings are crying, my family..all the people in the room are crying. Its hard to explain, how it really is. I just fell so...thankful. For God given me them as a parents, given me this people as a family. 

After that, the Sundanese Siraman held. Its a tradition for the bride to be bathed by the parents and family for the last time, also to purify her for the new step of her life.

On the water my parents put flowers as a prayer that i will keep my family good name, pride and honor. And money as a prayer that my marriage will be blessed financially. They also teach me to be generous in Saweran procession by giving them the money that i had.

Sundanese Siraman

The the procession is over, some of my family (mostly old lady) asking me the water of my siraman. Well, turn out that they believe its good to get those water for their unmarried child ! haha

As the closing, my father took me in his back, as the symbol the last time he took care of me. It didn't go quite well since we're busy laughing. Oh yes, after saweran the atmosphere start to be happy again !

So, thats how my siraman goes.
As i look to the picture, and recall the was all perfect, Alhamdulillah.

Now, time to move to the wedding ! Hu Hah !

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