Ngunduh Mantu Ceremony

3:29:00 PM

At first, we didn't plan on having ngunduh mantu like this. We thought since we already done that in Sukabumi, its better to save some money with hosting ngunduh mantu at home, kind of family only. But...turn out that Papa and Mama want to invites their friends so..well...

We held our ngunduh mantu at Wisma Kagama UGM, organized by Holy Wedding Organizer. We're only inivites 400 people so..the event feels a bit...easy. :D

selfie on our way to the building

No one told me that wearing paes and its friends would be that heavy. The make up artist said its around 5-6 kg for only head piece ! No wonder i felt sooo...dizzy after it. Several time i asked Mas Ardy to held my head cause i cant stand it. hahaha

Anyway, i started make up at 3 am for an event that start at 11 am. Long...and heavy process. But turn out that i like the result. People told me that i look good on it too. Yippy !

At 10 we had some cultural procession which i dont really understand. In short its like accepting me as their daughter in law and family.

This time, i could enjoy the event. I could look around, and sit sometimes to rest. Something that cant be done in Sukabumi event. haha

After the guess stop coming, we went to the vip area to had some lunch. And thats when i get to know garang asem. Hahaha My family really satisfied with the food. They're now in love Salad Solo ! After lunch, we start the photo session. Unlike in Sukabumi, right there we're still strong enough to pose :p

I didn't invite a lot today, cause..i dont really have much friend in Jogja. But..i thank you still for coming, whether i know you or not. Hehehe Here's some group picture that day. As always, complete picture is in my facebook haha

Mbak Dhanik's family

Sarinem and her mom

my father's friend

with demi, eko and their friend

Mas Ardy's close friend

Wa Deni, the bouquet catcher

Among Tamu

I though when the event finished and those head piece taken off from my head, my harship was over. Turn out not, Those paes is really hard to clean up ! I went to the salon and they need 7 times washing my hair..and it still haven't completely clean. Not to mention that my head still dizzy for two to three day ahead.

But...its a good day !
And im happy that finally...all those married celebration is finished and went very well. But Hon, we haven't held those garden or beach side party, should we held the third reception? *wink*

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