Never Again Zodiak Hotel !

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April, 28th 2018

Today is a special day because im going to a date with my husband ! hahaha

So, its another weekend gateway with family to Bandung, another hotel hopping too. Since it was a last minutes decision we're out of hotel choice for under 500k. So, its between V Hotel and Residence or this Zodiac Hotel Sutami Bandung. For the sake of new atmosphere we choose Zodiac Hotel and totally regeret it.

When we check in, its nothing in our mind the room is small, because after that we went to the mall and spend the day outside. Later at night i discovered that...the room is small and feel like kosan, and the bathroom ! Its like a temporary bathroom in a concert. Its super small and like in plastic ! 

Imagine bathing a baby in it. So small !

Zodiak Hotel Sutami Bandung

And the room is not soundproof, i can hear clearly anything outside. At night i need to call the receptionist because the room across me is putting a loud dangdut music. Oh, the parking lot is also not enough since there's a bus in it. Later a friend told me that this hotel is usually used for study tour. And the price is usually 300k. Okay. no wonder.

In the morning i call the receptionist that there's no bodykit in the bathroom. Youknow like toothbrust and else. And they said "we dont provide it anymore" . Awesome ! If you see the first picture they have it printed on their building that they provide bodyfit. No matter how much argument i had, they still wont provide it so i need to goshop it. Not cool, really not cool.

If you think its finished, well...its not. THE BREAKFAST !
The menu is like only three menu and rice, tasteless and cold. Even the rice is cold. T____T
I can really laugh it off if its just me and my husband but im with mu family. Really regret choosing this hotel. Never again, never again.

After that we go to separate way. Me and Mas Ardy go to PVJ while the other to Pascal. We have movie date ! It feels surreal. Its like something new again to be just with him. Also weird because i kinda miss Keenan.

We watch Avenger Infinity War. Its good ! Feels like a teenager again, i can be fully spoiled on him not a mom there, im his girl. hihihi After that  we have lunch together and choose ayam geprek because it was a hit back then. I also go to zap to spend my last series. Yum!


Just when we're really to be parents again, the car is failed to unlock. Something is wrong with the key, so we called the service center and waited there like an hour. Its like...forever. I miss Keenan ! After a long waiting and expensive charge we're finally go to Pascal. Turn out he's okay cause he play a lot with his aunties.

Okay, lets get some date again, husband ! hihihi

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