He's Turning Two !

8:48:00 AM

Im a really super late blogger. 
Though its one year late, let me post Keenan turning two photoshoo. Yes, a photoshoot, that year we didn't make any celebration. But since we got this cake from @iamdessertss which is sooo cute, colorful and unique, no way that i will not take many photos with that.

Before the photos, i want to say that this cake and cupcake is sooo good. Im not saying it because i get it for free (i paid for the cupcakes by the way), but it really is tasty. The chocolate cream is to die for, SOOO FOOD ! Best chocolate cream ever, specially after its cooled. Just wow. Thank you so much, mak ! Hope the business runs well :*

Here comes the photos !


Its taken at home, in Keenan playmate. We bought some baloons and the rest is using what we found at home. Turns out sweet (for me of course) hehehe

So, happy birthday son !
We love you more than literally..anything. 

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