My Birthday Dinner :)

4:27:00 PM

Happy Birthday to ME !

OMG I'm now 26 years old hahahahaha Anyway, by time i dont really wait for my birthday as exciting as im years ago. Am i now in a phase of denying getting old? :P

Pupet made this for me. Super love !
Anyway, i woke up in the dawn, my husband made me to. And found a cake and flowers on top of Keenan's tafel. This is really parents being romantic.  LOL

A simple act of surprise of my husband really makes me happy. Cause he's not a surprise freak like me so..this really got me that he tried to did this and that. Especially the letter, i always cry whenever i read his words. Thank you, love. :)

Since it was Saturday, we can really spend my birthday all day long. Story about what we did already told in previous post. And for the night, we had dinner with family. Somehow this become a habit, when its someone's birthday, we had dinner together. :)

We had our dinner at Sunda Rasa Restaurant, my father's favorite. You guys must be so bored reading me going to this place over and over again hahahahaha Anyway, this is not complete since the two aunties cant come home. So its only six of us.

Its relieving to know that im happy for what im today. I mean, im happy even without fancy thing, crazy surprise or any other material thing.

Im happy cause i can be grateful for being alive surrounded by people i love the most, healthy and quite sane. Hamdallah.

It takes a lot to cherish the little you know.
And thank you 26 years old Raisha, 4 more years before turning 30  Let make it counts !

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