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Hallo, its been a long long time since the last post. So many things happen, and i really cant wait to tell you here. But according to FIFO, i need to finished my bloglist first. haha So, im gonna start it with my experience in Surabaya. Enjoy :)

June, 13th 2013

My dorm slash my good friend was finally get married. She is the first among us so she surely be our mentor in everything about marriage right now. Haaa, her wedding took place at Surabya, her hometown. During my trip in attending her special day, there's a lot of first-time-things in my list. So happy and fully excited in telling you!

As always, i will split the story into places and event. So, to catch up the long absent, i will tell you first about the coming trip which is by..... train !!

It was really my first time in using real train, not commuter line. And its gonna be 10 hours journey Yay ! Okay..we're using Argo Bromo Anggrek Pagi from Gambir Station to Surabaya Pasar Turi Station. We on the last sentence consist of me, Mona and Atang. The train was good, worth the price. Its my first time using train's toilet and i feel like a fool. Oh, i just knew that they also had kind of steward(ess) in the train. They sell food and some merchandise.


I keep my camera ready so i could capture some unique outside view, but the whole journey serve nothing but this..

So, to kill time, beside eating, talking and sleeping. We're (mostly Atang) taking so many picture in the train. Dont be bored because the object lets say...only three of us.


So excited to explore this big city. But first, my belly was started to sing a very bad song. Better shut it up with some good meal. See you ! :)

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