(1) First Night at Surabaya

1:07:00 PM

June, 13th 2013

Dinner time !
Bayu the city guide brought us to Wapo Restaurant. The owner of this place is Anita’s aunty. Ugh, no wonder Anita is good at cooking. Its in her blood !

Wapo Resto - Surabaya

The reason why Bayu brough us there was because…we’re so hungry ! This place is famously known with its cheap yet delicious huge version of fried rice.



So what did we eat? Of course we ordered the specialty, also..we ordered guramekriuk, cingcau and iced melon. I wrote down the details of price and anything on my cellphone, but since its broken..no details then. But I did remember its quite cheap and taste gooooooooooood.



i love this picture !

Finished eating we went to the place where we gonna stayed this five days. It’s a small dorm in front of a hospital. Its quite cheap, really recommended for a poor traveller like me. Its Rp35.000/person/night. The room is small, but AC, TV and bathroom included. After put our bags, we went around to buy a birthday cake for Ratih. Its late and everything was closed except Mcd.

After we had the birthday cake, we went to a park named I forgot. What I did recognized is…Surabaya had a lot of park and their people love to hang out there. Cool.


Its late so we went back to the dorm while Bayu and Atang went to Bayu’s house. Ah, its always a mistake to put me and Mona alone. Its like making two galau person galau together. Haha

Picture taken by Atang Darmawan

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