Keenan First School Trip.

1:28:00 PM

November, 14th 2019

Its his first ever school trip ! 

And i was so happy to be there with him, too bad husband couldn't leave work. But show must go on..hai Jakarta !

Our first destination was Pepsodent Dental Expert Center. I was so proud that my baby could be alone without me, he was even examined alone. Proud Mama !

After that we had lunch in Nanny's Pavilion Gandaria City. I was thrilled because you know how much i love their food. Its also quite awkward because i had so many memories here. Cant believe that i was there with a kid that day. hehe


Here comes the fun !

All of us had so many fun there (sorry i forget the place's name), full of laughter, full of action ! I really mean it, both parents and kids were having fun. To saw my kids playing happily with other...haaa. What a good day. 

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