(2) Menega's Dine

10:07:00 AM

July 1st, 2013

After a tiring parade, we took a cab and asked the driver where to go for a delicious dinner. And there we were, at Warung Menega. Its at Batu Layar Beach, Jl. Raya Senggigi No. 6 Lombok Barat to be exact. 

Warung Menega, Lombok


Its a beach side restaurant, so we could choose to sit outside or inside. But, due to a doubtful wheather, we choose inside seat back then. Anyway, there's a local seller on the beach. Sell some souvenir with a cheap price. 

The specialty of this restaurant is off course, seafood. They provide an open kitchen so we could choose our fish and watch them made it. What makes it unique (for me) they used coconuts for grill !

Anyway, here's our food :9

 yummy !
Pinapple juice for Rp10.000,00, Young Coconut for Rp25.000,00 , Plecing Kangkung (as always!), Grilled King Prawn for Rp180.000,00, Grilled Squid for Rp80.000,00 and Grilled Barracuda for Rp75.000,00. Everything's DELICIOUS !

The bad point for this restaurant was....it took so long until we get the meal ! Funny is, when i asked the waiter "Masih lama Pak?" he answered it confidently with "Oh Iya Betul !" Hahahahaha

Only in Lombok i guess :p

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